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Week 3 music

There's a folksy tune near the end of the week 3 podcast that I really like. Tried looking it up to get the full mp3. Unfortunately, it was made especially for the NHS C25K podcast and isn't available commercially.

Can I just put in a request that the music used for the podcast be released as a stand alone album? There are several songs that I like and would love to have them as stand alone mp3s.

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Ha Ha - conversely, I can't stand most of the music - I've asked for a Rock version to be produced.

Each to their own, eh?


I have a wide variety of music taste, from classical to folk, country to rock, pop to metal. :) My personal mp3 collection has a bit of Mozart, Pet Shop Boys, Patsy Cline, LMFAO, Ozzy - just to name a few!


Good idea to request an album, I'm sure the various artists would be pleased about that. I'm doing week 3 at the moment and that folksy track always makes me smile. Not too sure about the dance type track about 'more than a one night stand' or something which follows it though...


The one after it helps me get my pace up in the final 3 minute run, so I do rather like it. Not as much as the folksy tune though! It gets me bouncing. :D


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