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I went down to my local Parkrun on Saturday morning, not to run but I had volunteered my services as I felt it was such a well organised event and wanted to be a part of it. I had a lovely morning, they gave me an easy job of Funnel Manager!! Sounds grand but it was just to make sure that all runners went through the tape after they were timed and collect their tokens then on to get them scanned along with their barcode.

After we all went for coffee etc at the nearby cafe, it gave me a chance to meet loads of other runners properly and also let me see just how much work is involved in the organisation of these events. How hard they work too to get results out for everyone. So I would say to each and everyone who has registered with Parkrun, go and run the 5K but also volunteer to help out because if runners don't give up a few Saturday's throughout the year then these smashing events could fail. :)

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These events don't happen to without volunteers so well done you!

I am going to volunteer but wanted to get a few more runs under my belt. Some exciting news for me is that they are hoping to start a park run in my local town (key organisers are from my running club)...will be fab to be involved from day 1!!


Brilliant AliBi, that will be really exciting. I've only run 2 here so far both in very different weather conditions too. But i can't say that I really got a chance to speak to people until yesterday and what was nice was how appreciative everyone was of the officials who had run it. It really gave me a sense of belonging, hope that doesn't sound too daft!!!


I'm looking forward to volunteering. I think they ask for three times during the year.

Well done for doing your bit, I bet it was nice to meet everyone and talk with a coffee afterwards.


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