Couch to 5K

Holy C**p Batman - I ran for 20 mins, Wk 5, R3 & first Blog

I'd got it in my head that 20 mins was week 6, so was pretty scared when Laura said what I'd be doing today! But I did it, and despite wondering where she'd got to for the 10 minute timer (that second 5 mins was HARD), I could have kept going at the end of the 20 mins.

This is an unbelievably big deal for me, I've always been sure I couldn't run - and to be fair, I still don't think I'd survive the zombie apocalypse - due to dislocated hips at birth & the correction causing a leg length discrepancy which required corrective surgery at 11 (was 2.5 inches by then). I've lost 4 stone since Feb 2011 through Slimming World, & started C25K in April. I repeated week 3 as I was away & didn't manage to keep up with my schedule, but I've been surprised that I've got to the end of each podcast first time.

I've randomly managed to commit myself to running the Manchester Great Run next May (10k), and I only started this to get stamina to do a 45 min Body Combat class for tummy toning, but actually, I'm not bothered about that now!

I think I'm going to treat myself to a new pair of running trousers for doing today's run - my current ones are falling down as I run (size 10 person in size 16, lycra fail), and maybe a windproof jacket cos it was a bit brr out there tonight.

Even though this is my first blog post, I've been reading all your stories & wanted to thank you for the encouragement they have given me to get this far.

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Well done!

Love the lycra coment!


4 stone!!! That's fantastic.

I started SW last week again, and have 4 stone to lose.

I love SW and now I love running with C25K

Well done.

I'm redoing Week 5 this week because I couldn't complete Run 3 last week :( It was too hot and my first run outside.


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