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When to venture outside?

Hello everyone on this bright sunny day.

Just a bit of background, I'm using the Ease into 5k app, downloaded through iTunes (sorry Laura) ;.) and am on W8R2, which for me is the penultimate run prior to finishing the programme (I'll then move onto the Bridge 2 10k app)... have to say I've found the app brilliant, although it doesn't have the support of Laura, but means I can run to my own music.

Anyway, I digress. So far all of my runs have been on my treadmill at home, which is perfect for me as my partner works most evenings and I have a little boy tucked up in bed. BUT I would like to venture outside to see how the run compares. The trouble is I've built up this terrible mental block about venturing outside. I'm worried about how far I will be able to run (I know I'll probably see a big difference initally), what if I can't do it. I have managed to get through each week without having to walk and don't want going outside to knock my lovely built up confidence. What would you suggest? Finishing the programme and going from there or taking the plunge?

Is there anyone else out there who is only doing the programme on a treadmill?

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Ive been outside the whole time, but I think i'd Finish the 5k programme on the treadmill and go out with a bang...sprint finish. Lol. Then you'll know you can do it, and use running outside as training and like another goal.


I'm on week 9 now and did most of it on the treadmill. I also had the mental block about running outside so I know exactly how you feel. However I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and have only done one run on the treadmill since - and that's only because I happened to be at the gym anyway!

I'm finding it much more interesting to be outside and I'm mapping my routes on Runkeeper so that I know my distances, etc.

Just give it a go - so many people are out there running that no one bats an eyelid and after just a few runs I'm not feeling self concious any more. There's so much more to look at and for me it really feels like i've 'been for a run'! :D


Find yourself a route, a local park or racecourse and check its at least a mile long (you don't want to do lots of laps, it get boring) and not too steep if you want to avoid hills. Take it steady as it is different to the treadmill and off you go :)

I used to drive to my local racecourse to do my runs as I knew I could focus on the run and not worry about traffic. I was also only ever 1mile from my car at the furthest point (in case I had a rubbish run and needed to walk back) and the inclines weren't too bad


You could search for and msg Shelley

Shelley did all her running on a treadmill till not so long ago - if anyone can advise on the switch she can!



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