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Achey Knees???

I am listening to my body and am holding back on doing Week 9. For the last two weeks i have had achey knees that have not really gone away. I have got some running shoes but when I bought them for the gym 2 years ago didn't know gait analysis existed. I think I am going to go to Bath on Sat and get it done in the running shop. Am I right????? It seems a shame but I cant damage my knees, Ive still got a lot of dancing to do. I can always repeat week 8 right??

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You are doing great to listen to your body! :)

I found the ice packs work well on my knees if aching.

You say that you dance ... does that mean that you have strong legs? If not you need IMO to work on that and also drink loadsa water and stretch after every run.

I wish you well and am sure that you will be back into it in no time.

Good luck :)


Thank you yep going to wait xx


Hi debssey,

I would definitely get proper shoes, they are so important as I think many people do need extra support as their feet collapse inward or outward. I must say I had achy knees the first few weeks, but these have stopped more or less now, and I know having the proper shoes has helped make it much milder than it would have been.

Good luck and let us know how you get one :-)


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