Really hoping!

I love these blogs ... Thanks everyone they are so motivational.

So I am back..... Even with the right trainers, stretching, icing, compression socks, you name it, I had to give in to shin splint pain and took 2 and a half weeks off to let them recover.

I was only on week 3 so I thought I had better start back on W1R1 and get back to it gently to prevent a recurrence. I hit the road bright and early on Monday... maybe it was just fresh legs but it went really well. Yay :)

Today, it was tipping down and I couldn't see myself going out in it, so the only other option was to do W1R2 on my cross trainer - not quite the same but at least in huffy puffy red faced motion. So far no shin pain, so I am hoping Friday is drier so I can try the road again.

I have 52 days until Race for life so I probably won't complete the program by then, as I will need some repeats along the way. If the blasted shin splints will stay away, I should be able to "run" a good chunk of it.... Here's hoping... really hoping!


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  • Shin splints - the bane of the life of pretty much all of us, I think!

    I still have them after week five, but they aren't really any worse than at the beginning and they seem to recover quickly so I'm not in pain the day after a run. I am assuming that my shins are gradually getting better at taking the punishment at about the same speed the programme is progressing. Ever the optimist, I am hoping that means eventually they'll be able to cope with a 5k run without any pain at all. We'll see.

    Good luck dealing with them - keep on running.

  • Thanks for the inspiration DuncanS .. Wow week 5 and still painful, sometimes it's good to know what is normal and that it is possible to continue without doing further damage. If they come back I will try your way and just t keep going this time :)

    This morning was drier so I got a road run in, which was actually shin pain free. YAY!!! What a relief ..I was huffing and puffing like a red steam train - not a pretty picture but I was smiling inside because I was finally just battling the lack of fitness instead of concentrating on trying not to think of the pain. :) I have to believe that we will both be able to run pain free eventually ... there are too many runners out there for that not to be the case, so hang in there

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