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Pace schmace!

After a busy weekend, 25 mins was the last thing I wanted when I woke at quarter to 7 ... or was it? Once I was out of bed, I changed my mind and decided I was in the mood to run after all! :)

I've felt recently that my pace could be defined as a steady shuffle! Today, I felt that my strides were a bit longer and I was definitely moving in such a way as could be accurately described as running!

However ... despite feeling more agile, more in the zone, I was at exactly the same point as last week when Laura said I was half way!

So maybe feeling more energetic does not automatically translate into faster pace!

As it has been getting harder recently, and I've been feeling minor aches and pains while I adjust to the longer running blocks, I am not pushing myself too hard to up the pace. But I'll definitely need to start thinking about pace if I'm to manage 5k in 30 mins in just over a fortnight! (I won't be heartbroken if I don't, as managing to run for 30 mins will feel like enough of an achievement!!!)

Maybe it's time to stop talking about gadgets and apps and actually start using one ... maybe I'll use endomono or similar on my next run, just to find out how on track (or otherwise :)) I am!

It's just brilliant to see some of you guys graduate - I'm so excited to see week 9 run 3 appear on the horizon and hope to join you on the other side soon :)

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I'm not very swift, and sometimes it bothers me but you know what? I'm a hell of a lot faster than before I started and I kick butt to those still on the couch :)

I try and up the pace for the last few minutes of a session but I'm not fantastic at it, think once I've got to 30 minutes, the adding the time to complete 5km then I'll work on getting faster.

It all comes with practice and patients I'm told.

Well done on getting out early and completing your run, graduation will be here before you know it.


I'm anything but fast, I also shuffle along and when I do actually have a little "sprint" It kills me and I have to go back to my shuffling! I did, however manage 5k in 28 minutes today but it was on a treadmill....different territory :) Just keep with it, not long now.


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