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Week2 2nd run ..hot Stuff

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God it was hot yesterday, as im running on a treadmill for now,inside an enclosed leanto (will eventually gt outside!) I started at my normal pace and changed setting to have an incline at times then back to flat, thats was ok cause if i was outside the ground wouldnt alway be flat. After the first 90 sec run i thought it best for me to slow my pace a little.. I found this helped alot plus with the heat it was to much for the Multiple sclerosis to handle. I Ran late again yesterday hopefully tomo i will do an early one as i end up very alert and awake after a run. Body and legs are not aching soo feeling quite chuffed with myself. 🌢

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I think the usual advice is to have the treadmill tilted up by only one notch.

TATS_67 in reply to nowster

Thx I'll try that tomo

Go slow and find your zone. It will help for the weeks ahead.


Such determination TATS_67and your story and journey will inspire many. Make sure you drink plenty of water, everyday, throughout the day, stay hydrated, especially on the warmer days. Michael J tells you this too, so it must be important πŸ˜‰. Make sure you rest betweens runs too.

If you haven't found 'your' pace yet, you will soon. As Michael says, he'll get you running for 30 minutes, and at your own pace. Don't push too hard too fast, stick to the programme, the weeks will fly by and you'll be running 30 minutes before you know it. You're doing great.

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