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I completed the whole of couch to 5k on a treadmill and now when it comes to running outdoors I’m struggling, I can manage 5k on the treadmill but outside I could barely manage 11 mins. I think I got my pacing all wrong and obviously surfaces are different etc. Has anyone got any tips on how to make that transition easier? I’d like to eventually do park runs and a race for life with my new found love for jogging!

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When you are on the treadmill your pace is set for you, but when you go outdoors you are in charge of it. Just keep trying outdoor running go slow and slow down even more. A good way of noticing you are going too fast is your breathing. Good luck 😊

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clowth in reply to Buddy34

Thank you 😊. I think I worry I go really slow as it is on the treadmill so worry about looking silly outdoors! But maybe I just need to focus on going slow for a start!

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Buddy34Graduate in reply to clowth

Slow is good it's what will get you to the end of each run and no you won't look silly . You're doing great 😊

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I ran outside for the first time yesterday (Week 8 Run 2) and also found this. Had to really work on slowing right down and concentrating on my breathing and really being conscious of keeping the slow steps I am used to

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clowth in reply to Cath400

I think I’m going to have to keep at it and look at my breathing and pacing! It was a windy and rainy day I tried on so was a bit disheartening too! But good luck to you too!

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Cath400Graduate in reply to clowth

I found that I was running much quicker than normal. I slowed down, then slowed down again!

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Slow down.

It may take a few runs, but you will soon be back up to 5k.

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clowth in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you 😊 will give it a go next time I brave outside. Determined to master it both ways!

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