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Pain the morning after a run

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Morning everyone :) just a bit of advice please. I’m week 6 of cpto5k after each run i seem

To wake up the day after and my one leg is not feeling the best especially first thing when I wake

Up and walk on it I need to take ibroupen and use deep freeze. It doesn’t feel like muscular pain. It’s down the front of my leg. Im starting to think I got shin splint 😭😭. Doesn’t hurt when I run tho 🤷‍♀️ any advice on this? Maybe new trainers? Thank you xx

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Did you check out the FAQ for Newbies when you began this? Lots of great and essential information, re running shoes etc, there.

Your running shoes are the most important and essential equipment next to you.

Warming up well is essential, as are the post run stretches...It might be worth getting a correct diagnosis, and if it is shin splints then rest, is the answer..

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Could possibly be shin splints, so few things that may help...stretching before and afterwards, are you landing heavy on your feet/wide strides as this can sometimes give you pain. Go slower and short strides so they don’t go in front of your body. Someone told me on here think your an assassin and not meant to be heard (light steps) this won’t give you as much impact.

Also have a look at what trainers your running in...maybe worth investing.

Have a few days rest and don’t let it put you off, good luck for your next run 🏃‍♀️


Good advice above, listen to your body, maybe take an extra rest day between runs. Make sure you do the warm ups and cool downs and post run stretching and I would consider getting a gait analysis done before/while you look at new shoes. This should give you some useful information about your running form. If you check the FAQs Oldfloss has pointed at there are some excellent strength and flexibility exercises that you can do on non running days, those should help as well


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