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What do you think about when running?

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Just done week 5 run 3 ... So the twenty minutes straight run.

As the runs get longer I was wondering what people think about or focus on to make the longer times go in a blur?

Up until now I usually picture my weight in front of me and then picture it going down to what I wish it to be soon! Or else I concentrate on my breathing and pretend as I breathe out little pieces of fat is flowing out of me too lol. This is because I did read that fat does leave the body in the c2o we breathe out as well as sweat...

And lastly I usually think about this forum and what posts or questions I should write... Including this one. But most of my thoughts stay as thoughts and I don't actually come post them.

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As a guy... football and sex, obviously 😂

Anything but running for me on most runs... I can think about anything really, but it is often boring stuff like what I need from the shops after the run 😂

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Just check out my past rambles and you will know... everything around me.. sights sounds, smells...all absorbed and remembered... images too of stresses... floating away behind me...all my friends from the forum running beside me...most days.. the runs finish too quickly... :)

Every run is an adventure:)


This one from last year...


We are all different.. I look forward to the replies to your post :)

Go you!!! keep on posting please:)

Hmmmm... I’ll think about this on my next run 😉

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I make up daft poems. I tell myself stories. I think through my worries. I let myself get angry about stuff and then calm down again. It’s a great place to think about anything you don’t normally have time to think about. But like UnfitNoMore, I try not to think about running, because it’s strangely harder to do it if you’re thinking about it !

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