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Treadmill help please!

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Since I started couch to 5k in about March this year I've predominantly ran on a treadmill in the gym.. There just isn't anywhere suitable nearby that I want to run so the gym it is! I've decided that I want to get one for my house as I don't really do much else in the gym and feel I would use it more if it was just upstairs! I'm looking for one not more than £400, but that has an automatic incline rather than manual... If anybody has any advice or suggestions it would be much appreciated. I've been looking at the Reebok ZR8 which is currently on offer at argos, but have heard a variety of good and bad opinions on reebok. I've also found one called Pro form 205 folding which is made by the same company that make the nordic track ones. Thanks in advance!

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Just be aware how heavy a good quality treadmill is, before you plan having it upstairs - also may be too wide for doorways ( we had to move one out of my sons apartment and it wasn't easy.

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I've been looking at folding ones! But I know they don't fold completely.. I think between me and my partner we would be able to get it upstairs... Before it's assembled anyway! Thanks for the tips though :)

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