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Hi All. Started the couch to 5k and have made it to week 5. My fitness and breathing have massively improved but have hit the same problem I hit when I toom up running a few years ago. I had to stop because of it then. But I've come so far I really don't want to stop! I roll inwards on my ankles when I run (and walk) and my inside ankles are now bruised, swollen, tight and painful. I have just brought decent running trainers made for pronation but now what? Do I stop while my ankles heal or push through? Strapping makes the swellung worse. Oh and I run on a treadmill now as pavements are a no go. Any advise much appreciated.

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Rest and see how it goes.

We're your shoes fitted after a gait analysis?

If the problem persists I would see a physio.

Hi thanks for responding. No I didn't have a gait analysis. I was wondering about a physio myself. So should I stop running until the injury hss healed do you think or just keep going?

Oh sorry you already answered that 😁. Thanks IannodaTruffle!

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