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Knee Niggles anyone?

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The good lady wife and I are on week 3 of C25K after a lack of exercise due to illness. I tried this program a few years ago and gave up after week 3 due to knee pain. I was in the gym on the off days and maybe overdid it. I definitely want to avoid having to stop due to injury. IT band has been no problem this time around but the right knee aches on the off days. As the distance inreases I foresee a possible increase in the "knee niggles". Any advice from completers on avoiding this kind of issue? I have nice new trainers and do static stretches after each session. We are sticking rigidly to the programme and run at a slow, steady pace.

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry to hear that. Can you get some sports physio advice? Knee problems are so varied. I get soreness and pain simply if I over do it. But not when I'm running and it goes away. So I keep it slow and steady, take AT LEAST one rest day and manage it that way. But if you have an underlying injury it needs to be diagnosed and treated or managed on the right way or eventually you'll be forced to give up. Good luck, you're doing great hope it gets sorted

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Check this out..

Huge well done for beginning this...please, do check the linked post out...:)

So much useful and tried and tested advice:)

Slow and steady is the mantra.... and try these for your knees..:)

Many of us use these... and they do help:)

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