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Wow that was tough w3 r1


Bed early last night, Spring in my step this morning, couldnt wait till start week 3. Started off great, after the 3 mins went pear shaped legs were so heavy and sore. Got to half way point (big pole) hit it a slap in frustration, just kept walking. Song came on with words in it saying 'don't stop me now' so a good stern talking too, i turned the app off and set markers, I ran and never stopped till about 5o yards from the house. Now feeling great and very sore and loving the running again and sharing this, I've just realised I've run about 1.5miles without stopping. Now that has me smiling....... rest day tomorrow i think.

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Definitely a rest day tomorrow... they are non negotiable...and when you repeat the run... this time. slow down.... steady and slow is the way to complete the plan and stay injury free too :)

Just take it gently, relax into the runs... do what is needed for each run and enjoy:)


Sometimes a good talking to yourself is needed, especially if the gremlins call in. My mantra was " slow down, you can do it, but slow down". Definitely rest tomorrow or you risk injury. Don't be impatient, the weeks roll along quickly and you'll soon be running the full 30 minutes.

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