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Shin splints!


So...... as I posted yesterday,

I’ve just started this programme..... have tried running before, but due to my bad level if health and fitness.... extreme lack of self discipline, and SHIN SPLINTS.... I’ve always gave up.

I know some people think there not a thing, but whatever, any recommendations for their pain while running, and afterwards..... really don’t want to give up this time


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You need to stretch. Google shin splints stretching and there are lots of good stretches that will help. The thing that helps me is keeping my feet really relaxed and on the walking breaks I kind of shake my feet out with each step. I don’t know if that’s an actual ‘cure/fix’ but it works for me.

They are painful and most definitely a thing! I hope they don’t end your running journey cause that would be a real shame

Thanks for that!

My hubby gets shin splints and changed his trainers for some that have better cushioning after them not going with stretching (not sure he did it properly lol). He’s just got back from his run this morning and no shin splints x


There are definitely shin splints and I had a bout of it last week when I increased distance! Stretching post-run essential and slow down a bit. Also try to run on grass if possible (however here in the South grass is baked dry & soil hard). Also try running intervals to give shins a recovery time. I’m now doing 10mins run and 1 min walk which has helped. Good luck and keep posting updates 👍

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