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W6R2 carried on running. Have I graduated early?

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After almost two weeks off did W6R2 for the third time.!! Due to insect bite and antibiotics. Grrr!

Started off early in the morning because of the heat for myself and my dogs.

Felt ok after the 2 10 minutes so I thought I might as well carry on.

So I continued running and then some! According to Strava I ran 7.3k!!!!!

Couldn't believe it!! But it's there in Strava for me to see in black and white, well orange as well 😀

I haven't found C25K exactly easy but I keep on plodding on!

If I can amaze myself I'm sure that you all can!

I will keep on with the C25K though!

Hope everyone else keeps on too!

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No ;-)

"The objective of the program is to run for 30 minutes three times in a week".

Be careful that you don't over-do it.

Hi Montezuma, you’ve managed a distance which is great, but I’d advise against getting over confident at this stage. We all have great runs and less good runs, but please keep with the programme for your own good. 🙂

Sorry if that sounds like I’m putting the dampers on things, it’s not meant that way.

Please take care, particularly in this heat. Remember to keep it slow and steady. That’s the best way forward, as many of us have found.

Good luck with everything 😀👍

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Thank you David. I just couldn't believe that I felt able to carry on. I did go early in the morning to keep cooler.

I had completed C25K about 8 months ago but due to a few factors had to take a break so decided to see if I could get a bit faster this time around, as a snail could have overtaken me on my previous effort! 😀 Parkrun was about 40mins but according to Strava I did 35 mins for 5k on this run. So you can see why I was so pleased. Will still continue with the programme. Think perhaps I found my 'happy pace' which enabled me to carry on. Its been a long time coming. Did feel a bit creaky the following day but put that down to my age and the heat and perhaps not enough stretches when I finished.😂 All OK now though. Even the knees fared OK!

Happy running 🏃 😀

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