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W11 R1 (week 2 consolidation)


Yesterday I decided to go for a short 2 mile jog with the intention of picking up the pace.

It’s wasn’t a great Success- my breathing was all over the place and I gave up at 1.7 miles.

I did however for the first time have an average pace of 10.45/mi which did make me smile, I’m usually sitting at 11.40mi

For now I shall go back to ignoring pace and stick to distance!

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Hi Keels, I think it’s good idea to concentrate on the distance, or whatever else you want as a target. It doesn’t matter what you do, or where or when you do it. The fact that you’re doing it at all is the main thing! 😀

I’m doing my Consolidation too, just taking things easy and concentrating on getting runs under my belt before moving on to the next challenge - B210K 🏃‍♂️

Good luck with everything! 👍


You tried something new and it didn't quite go to plan but nevermind! Now we are Graduates we can do what we like with our running - within reason obviously :-)

I went on a run last night where we stopped and walked when the terrain got tough and got chased by cows - much more fun for me than just slogging away trying to get faster and faster 5k times x


Well done! I'm working on distance not pace, though pace does seem to be creeping up really slowly! I'm still a snail though! 🐌🐌

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