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Transitioning from treadmill to outdoors-tips?


I’m on WK7 of the programme and have been doing all my runs on a treadmill as I was a bit embarrassed about the idea of running outside!

Now I’m running 25 minutes (and the weather’s a bit nicer!) I’m keen to try running outdoors and maybe give Park Run a try.

Does anyone have any tips for how to pace myself when running outdoors? Are there any good apps?

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I use map my run. It gives you updates every km and let’s you know your split time and overall time. Hope that helps.

Running outdoors is very different from the treadmill but is brilliant. The thing to do is to start off slowly and not get too out of breath - be able to speak a good few words, not be gasping for air.

The ground stays under your feet, you have to propel yourself along, unlike the TM and it can be uneven which means you have to watch where you are going. It is possible/probable that you might find your first run outside a bit harder than you expect but don't worry or let it put you off, you just need to get used to the transition.

For Parkrun the usual suggestion is to do it as part of the plan, so if Saturday coincides with w7r3 (or whatever) start off with the warm up walk, run the 25(?) mins and walk or walk/ jog the rest.

I'm sure running outdoors and PR will become your favourite things.

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