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Sore achillese

Have completed run two of week one and while I'm running my achillese tendons are fine but they are both a bit sore the day after. I've had issues with them before but no actual injury. Other than the usual rest, ice etc and maybe taking ibuprofen before a run I'm not sure what else I can do to help. Don't want it to stop me running at it did about 5 years ago.....😟

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Have you had a gait analysis done to check you’re in the right running shoes??

They’re free at some sports shops (definitely free at DW sports)

Liz x


Some exercises could help..are you warming up well and stretching after the runs..

Check the links out...


there is a great advice section on the problems of aches and pains:)


Try to land lightly too...as long as you are sure that your shoes are fine.. we do have a tendency to thump down a little in the early runs;)

Running through pain is a definite no-no, and masking it with painkillers is not a great idea.. so try the exercises etc and see how you go ?

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I found Achilles pain was sorted by rotating my shoes regularly. I got shoes with different heel offsets, a pair of 4mm and a pair of 10mm ones, and swop them over routinely

I don’t tie my laces too tightly as it can cause the back of the shoe to rub the Achilles‘ tendon. Look for a shoe with a soft heel counter. some of them are just too hard! Some shoes have no heel counter at all. I resorted to cutting the backs of some of my run shoes to get relief, which is drastic I know.

You could have two rest days between runs if needs be

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after day 2 of week one I think aches are something to be expected. If it is just your achilles you are doing well. Keep an eye on it obviously but I wouldn't think it too sinister just yet


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