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Week 1. First run. Felt good!

I was really worried as I haven't exercised for a number of years other than irregular walks. Nearly 63 and overweight so I was concerned about my stamina levels. It turned out to be a great first run. My daughter, daughter in law, and two young grandchildren joined me on the track to encourage me. Really pleased I managed all the 60 second spurts. A very cold night but we all enjoyed it. I just took it in my own stride.

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Well done.

It is a first step towards becoming a runner.

This guide may be helpful

Enjoy your journey.


Thank you! I appreciate the support and the link suggestions.


Good for you! Well done. I am in my sixties now and have done a complete about face from where I used to be thanks to WeightWatchers and this wonderful programme.

Once I took those first tentative steps, hidden from view in the woods, I was hooked.

Still am! I hope you will be too! Just go nice and steady. No rush, no hurry. One foot in front of the other and enjoy it.

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Well done janeybequick 😊... great username, but slow and steady is fine, and is what will help you succeed through the program😊...

Good luck with wk1 R2...enjoy it!

Lovely to have your family on board too..

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