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W3R3 complete

Nice early start at 6am, head torch on and this morning down by the river I felt like I was the only person awake.

This was soon shattered by the council bin men and the rough sleeper under the bridge.

Run was fine, a little tightness in the usually problematic left calf (should have stretched for a little bit longer) but apart from that the time flew by.

On to week 4.

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Beautiful. I love the quiet of early mornings. However, when you run in an urban jungle like me, there will always be someone else awake! I am amazed at the number of poor souls I see walking to the train station at 6:30am when I am running!

If I have any area of tightness I usually stop halfway through my run and give it a quick, gentle stretch. Seems to be effective!

Good work on finishing week 3 - you are going great guns!


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I was one of those poor souls 30mins later, cycling in the opposite direction of my running route to get to the station.


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