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Nasty cold break, how do I get back gently?

I’ve had two colds within a relatively short space of time, and this second one is a bit of a humdinger, mainly on the chest, with a hacking cough. I’ve not been running for a week (I miss it so much 😩😩😩) and don’t foresee going back until next weekend, to give my lungs a chance to clear a bit more.

Can you guys out there give me any tips on how to ease back in? Last time I was only off running for a week and just went back to 30 minutes at a slower pace to start with, and that was ok.

Shall I do the same? Start with intervals? Any suggestions?

It’s bright sunshine here and normally I’d be out there now. Maybe a brisk walk and a garden tidy up...

Have a lovely Sunday, all! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏃🏻‍♀️🏃

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Don't go back before you are better however frustrating that feels. But then I would go back to the 30 minutes, take it slow and don't push it. If you have to stop before the 30 minutes are up, stop and depending how far off 30 minutes you stopped you might have to take a run or two to build back up. A couple of weeks off shouldn't be a problem though.

Hope the cold is better soon.

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How do you feel? If you feel well enough to run then run. You could just bumble round the block and see how it goes

I find that when I have a cough it miraculously stops when I run

Also running is a great way of clearing the airways. Take a massive hankie 😃

If you still feel tired and poorly then just wait a bit. No rush 🙂

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