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Nightmare week

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Morning guys what a horrible week ,well today I've just finished wk8r3 it was so hard but snail pace was the theme. Couldn't run last Sunday had granddaughter stay over so started my first run wk8r1 on Monday due second run Wednesday had other granddaughter sleep over no run again grrrr Thursday did second run so Saturday last run of wk 8 no chance woke up a 5.30 as normal what did I hear heavy rain ☔️ so that went out the window as well . So today went out at 6.30 even though I've been ill 😷 with chesty cough past 2 days but I just wanted to finish my week . Going ok until half way point then my throat was hurting my body felt so weak all I kept telling myself was I haven't got up on a Sunday morning at 6 for nothing I have to finish this . Anyway I did but I think I should have rested another day because I really don't feel well today I've got my last week to look forward to so I'll rest up for today & tomorrow & try to start week 9 on Tuesday

Happy 😊 weekend

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Oh dear... but well done. yes.. you should have waited... but, I know the feeling of, must get out!

Get warm.. and rest up well... the rule generally is, anything above the neck.. run.. anything below.. e.g. chesty coughs.. don't run. Your body is already having a mini battle with the bug, and does not need the extra strain.

It is hard... I am having small runner in training for two full days a week and I had her for an extra day too last week.. it plays havoc with the runs! On the plus side, my walking mileage has increased... core strength wonderfully improved and stamina...well!

Just make sure you are fully recovered.. the runs will still be there.. and we need to take care of you!

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kst2222Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you oldfloss I will take your advice I do want to finish this program and I’m so close now 🙏

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to kst2222

Well done..not worth making yourself really ill! Take care x

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