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Week 7 run 1

I did what Laura told me and changed my route which was helpful, some variety is good to keep interest I think. The music makes me smile sometimes, who chose a song with lyrics "I feel like I've been here 10 times before" near the end of the 25 mins! Anyway it made me think the end is in sight and it would be good to start thinking of music playlists/apps etc that may be helpful, any recommendations appreciated. I think I may be turning into a runner, it's surprised me!

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It is surprising! The body making adaptations, rest days, allowing you to go that but further each time. A route change heightens your awareness and your body seems to notice the change and we seem more alert 🙂

I think one run tune everyone must have is Kenny Loggins Footloose

There are loads if threads on this subject 🙂


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