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Taking a rest

Ive completed W5R1 but I think need to take a few days rest now due to calf pain again! I’m thinking of taking four days off and starting again on Monday. I’m actually raring to go but this calf problem is just not going away despite following all the good advice I’ve been given. Just wondering if anyone else suffered calf pain that develops very quickly into the run, and at what stage of the programme did it start to get better?

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If it is recurring.. get it checked out...:)

If stretching and massage or rolling is not helping and it is happening in all the runs.. really, go and see a Sports Physio.. if you check some of my past posts.. I had a calf injury....did everything by the book, but still ended up on the IC and had to have treatment from the Physio... :) Just getting back to where I was now.

The difficulty is, that some injuries are hidden, and we think they are sorted.. head out again and they are still there. It won't get better on its own.

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