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One run to go !!

One run to go !!

Hi Everyone !

Well the last two weeks have been tricky with travelling, but hey I stuck with it. Where there is a will...... it's been a tricky week Just returned from overseas and went straight out for a run after two days break. So dedicated to do this !!

Having a spot of trouble with toes going bit numb towards the last 2 mins, this has happened a lot as I moved on to the longer runs. Think it's these supposedly "breathable socks" I bought. They feel too tight.

Please share what you all wear, as think these are not doing for me !

Looking forward to browsing through what you all have been up to later this evening !!

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Running socks are generally inexpensive so that's good news. My fave socks at the mo are free ones I got with some run tights They are more mile brand

i have some sportsdirect marathon socks which are v good ๐Ÿ‘


Ok will have to check if I can order online as I live in Thailand !!


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