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Laura revisited

I’ve been an insufferable misery since spraining my ankle back in July (3 weeks after graduating), so I felt it was time to reaquaint myself with Laura this week. Partly in response to the trauma of getting on the scales after a large curry the night before (never a good idea), and the fact my tum now sticks out way further than my boobs. Not good. Oh and I found a lovely, brand new, bright pink running top I’d completely forgotten about, so it was obviously time.

So far so good. Week one done with only a few twinges and clicks in the ankle (and my face clashing with nice new pink top). So I will cautiously progress to week 2 with everything crossed... But it feels so good to be running again!

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Welcome back.. take it slow and steady...you know the way :)

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Always good to get back after an injury.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Welcome back !

Sorry to hear about your injury , Baby steps :-) xxx

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