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Week 7 Run 2

Success! The longer runs are definitely becoming more comfortable for me at this point which I'll take as a great sign of progress...Considering just 2 weeks ago I thought the 20 minute run had just about killed me :p. I'm just on the tail-end of a pretty gnarly sinus infection so it took a fairly significant amount of will power to pull myself off the couch and get out there today, but I did it! And by "out there" I mean to my gym, and onto a treadmill, lol. The weather gods decided to bring me pouring rain today and while normally I'd accept that with open arms, I figured running in the cold rain wasn't the best plan of action for my slowly recovering sinuses. Ready to get back out there on Tuesday for my last run of week 7! The treadmill sure does get old quick, and nothing beats running on a nice cool day :)

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It sounds like you're doing really well, especially if you're getting "out there" even when you're feeling under parr. I hope the sinus infection clears up soon.

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Yeay!!!! Getting better and getting out there.. wonderful :)

Well done you:)

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