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Week 3 run 3

This run was odd. I was late getting out of work, and rushed to be ready as soon as I got in. Off I went, and dropped my keys almost first thing. Stopped to pick them up - no big deal. I was feeling a little tired in the leg muscles, and the colder weather made me appreciate my warm up.

On my second 90sec jog, a dog (lost??) ran into the road, causing cars to slam on their brakes. It ran across the road and into the field nearby. I paused for a brief exchange with a woman out with a child, and carried on - I'm assuming the dog had run off from someone walking in the fields.

Despite two stops, my average pace was actually quicker than my previous run. I've not set myself any pace goals - I'm more focussed on just completing the run, but it's nice to see my pace naturally increasing as I gain fitness.

Stretched thoroughly afterwards tonight.

Back at it Thursday!

3 Replies

Sounds like a very eventful run but at least you kept at it!!


An eventful run indeed...but a good one... great when that happens...onward and upward!


I call these runs the hurdling runs.... well done you , now a third of the way through...


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