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What to do??! Advice please🙂

So, much to my amazement and pride I completed week 9 runs 1and 2 a fortnight ago. I went out on the Tuesday (15th August) to do my graduation run but found that I could not breathe properly and my legs felt like lead. I gave up and resolved to try again Wednesday. However, later on Tuesday my temperature went up and on Wednesday I was diagnosed with a chest infection. I now feel fit enough to try again.

Should I go straight for week 9 run 3 (which in my program is the same as 9/1 and 2) or restart further back in the programme?

Please can someone advise me?

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Best advice I can give you, based on my own experience, is just go out and run. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you and - as always - take it slow and steady. :)

You might have a 'success' run or it might turn out to be a 'practice' run - but last thing you want it to be is a 'ruined my health' run :)

Wishing you the very best miles possible :)


Great advice. No one ever wants the ruined my health Run. The W9 milestone is a great one, but is really only the beginning of your running life... hope your return run is a nice one.


How about doing week 9, run 1, not putting any pressure on yourself, just taking an easy pace and see how you go. Then you can decide whether to do 2 and 3 or just the graduation run.

Whatever you decide to do good luck and just keep going.



Just run... you will soon know whether you feel fit enough to carry on!

Slow and steady and see how it goes:)


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