Encouraging reading the back stories of Graduates

I confess I like reading up on others experiences in the week I'm doing it - nice to see how others have tackled challenges, but most encouraging thing is - how many people are graduates. Just shows that at that attempt or a future one they have gone on to complete the programme. Give me hope that I can get through this.


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  • Yeah the great thing is it's saturated with graduates and no loans to pay off! I've gone through all the nine stages and I can run 5K confidently but I was doing another plan and didn't do things in the right order, but it's very enjoyable reading the stories of others especially when they have challenges they have to overcome.

  • You don't need hope, RFR, you're doing it with your own tenacity ... well done for keeping going

  • You've hit on the key thing there, the tips you pick up from graduates/mentors are invaluable. I had no running experience and many self doubts at the beginning so I spent a lot of time reading through their experiences. A lot of hard work later I am part of that happy band! Keep at it and I hope to see that little badge next to your name in the near future!

  • It was exactly the same for me in the beginning, I originally came on here because I was struggling so much and I was looking around for a bit of support. Over four years later I'm still here and I love this forum. It works because so many people who are passionate about running stay around to help those like I was in the beginning weeks, or months in my case. The forum is what it is because of them . I have found runners to be a really enthusiastic and helpful bunch on the whole. I have had many a great conversation with almost complete strangers just because we found out we both run. 😀

  • As RFC says, this is a special place..........a secret weapon for new runners. Reading this forum when I first started over four years ago was what made me realise that I could actually achieve this. The support then was, as it is now........ amazing and surprising in this self centred world.

    It truly is one of the most positive experiences you will find anywhere. Long may it continue.

  • You can absolutely do this! There are so many runners here (myself included) who have thought, at some point, "If I can do this, anybody can." You just need to follow the programme, take it one day at a time, take your rest days, listen to your body, and most importantly - go slow and steady! This isn't a race. You just need to build your fitness enough to run for 30 minutes, and this programme helps you with that. And if so many of us can do it, you can too :) Good luck!

  • Only thing that can stop you graduating is you. Don't give up and you will get there. Most of us take more than 9 weeks to complete.

  • This is certainly a great forum. So many people doing it their own way and for their own reasons. Well done to you!!

  • I loved reading on this forum when I was doing the programme. So many tips and so much valuable information. Plus virtual buddies at the same stage in the programme cheering each other on. It really was great motivation. My running buddies disappeared though soon after graduation 😥, which is why I constantly harp on about the importance of keeping on and getting a plan or some form of motivation immediately after graduation.

    But many of the mentors on those days are still around - will never forget being told off by misswobble for going too fast. And seeing pictures of Rignold jumping through flames or posting videos of hideous workouts that just hurt to watch. And, of course, reading the rambling, fantastic posts of that recent graduate, OldFloss!

    So, yes this forum is BRILLIANT!

  • I was really scared of Miss wobble for ages! 😁

  • 😁👍

  • Go you... I simply love the posts and never tire of reading them... Just wish I had more time to read all, and feel dreadful if I miss replies to folk!

    So much inspirational advice on here and really supportive... You can totally do this.. all it takes is one slow and steady step after the other... :) You will be totally amazed where you get to... :)

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