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Treadmill to real world fail


Hi! I've been following posts on here to get me this far so I thought I'd try my first post, so hello.

For convenience and less excuses I have been doing the programme on the treadmill and just completed week5 run1! Whahhoo! I have tried running outside once before and it was tough but I managed it. This time I couldn't get past the first 5 minute run and now I'm completely demoralised :(

I went as slow as I could even though on the treadmill I run at 9km/h and walk at 6km/h. I couldn't get my breathing in a rhythm and had to do the walk if shame home in my running gear.

Any ray of hope for me or advice? I don't want to have to take a step back in progress.

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Ray of hope? BLAZING BEACON of hope more like :)

Running outside is really different. Won't go into all the variables - apparent, subconscious, environmental etc - but it really is different.

I would not last ten minutes on a treadmill without some practice - different game altogether.

But - I have the prerequisites just like you have to "succeed". Fitness, stamina etc to the extent of those abilities :)

You ARE a runner. Treadmill proficient, outside adding.

As to "Walk of Shame". I walk to and from my running routes past all my neighbors houses. I wear :

Black Lycra shirt

Black Lycra sweatpants

Black running shoes.

Black ball cap.

Black bumbag.

In other words, I must look like some delusional Ninja-wannabe.

Used to feel self conscious but I don't anymore.

'Cos I know what anyone smirking at me doesn't know....

Just like you - I Am A Runner :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

Thank you so much Irish-John! I will keep trying outside as extra runs. I too wear a skin tight black ninja suit but my bumbag looks like a watermelon. The shame wasn't in my head at the start of the run I guess. X

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to SmacktionHero48

That shame Gremlin is very insidious - next time it dares appear really go "Ninja" on it's scrawny backside and send it packing ;)

RebeccaSKGraduate in reply to SmacktionHero48

No matter how knackered I am, I always make sure that as I turn into my road I start running and keep running until I've run past all my neighbours' houses - it makes them think that I've run continuously the entire time I've been out. It's psychological but try it instead of skulking past all in black. Hold your head high because they're seeing you run past from the comfort of their couches where they've been sitting the entire time you've been out exercising!

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to RebeccaSK

LOL - definitely no skulking, and runners are far superior to couch potatoes so their "approval" is not a factor anyway :)

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to Irish-John

PS - I like black because it's easiest to haul out of the dryer in the mornings among all the other colours :)

Amazing :) I'll keep that one under my belt. Thank you so much


I'll offer you a ray of hope - don't be so hard on yourself! I did a lot of my runs on the treadmill because of shin splints - the treadmill is kinder than tarmac. It is different. Very different. In many ways it is easier because your pace is regulated and you get into a lovely rhythm and even if that rhythm is challenging, because it's regular you normally settle after a few minutes. There are also no junctions to worry about, no uneven pavements, no pedestrians, no dogs etc etc. For these reasons it is easier. HOWEVER it's boring. Even if you watch TV or listen to music when you do it, a treadmill run does not have the visual stimulation of an outside run. For these reasons, running on a treadmill is more difficult. When I run on a treadmill I have to put my towel over the clock otherwise I find myself looking at it constantly. So, recognise that both treadmill and outdoors have their downsides and accept them. After I started to run outdoors more than the treadmill it took a while before I started to settle back into outdoor running, but I did. Find routes you enjoy and which are not ridiculously challenging (and don't forget, as I am just re-learning, every uphill has a downhill too) and stick at them. If you struggle and have to walk a bit then just chalk it up as a practice run. No run is a wasted run!

No such thing as the walk of shame in running gear, you were out there off your sofa, hold your head up high. It is strange transition from treadmill to outside. Lots of different factors come into play. On the treadmill it is constant whatever the weather, terrain or incline. Outside all these factors play a part but can change at the drop of a hat. Build in the fact you were probably nervous as it was your fist time then there is a lot to deal with. It is hard to get your pace right for you the first time you run out doors. Put it down to a learning curve, draw a line under it and forget it. Next time you go out try wk 4 (think of it as a fun Run) just to see if you can get a better pace to feel comfortable with. The only reason I'm thinking to go back a week is because you know you can do that and it will help with your confidence. After you have that run under your belt you can go back and carry on. The biggest part of running is confidence and you need to boost yours up a bit, so treat yourself to a fun run. Slow and steady, you can do it.


No 'f' words here please....and well done for getting out there. It is so different hitting the big wide world.....

So... try not to compare.... the way is slow... warm up well and start really slowly...Week 5 is a tricky blighter...the whole walk/run pattern alters and can be unnerving... Just know you can do it... just go as slow as you like and just breathe... look around, make names up for folk..( in your head, not out aloud)...

There could be a lot of reasons for the blip... rest up, then head out...and this time relax into it and try not to overthink the breathing.

Thank you! They're really good tips and I'll take them to my next run :) tonight. Here goes x



Never, ever mention walk of shame again!!! You are a runner.. end of!!!! x

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