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Ok so since graduating I've been suffering really painful calf pain after my runs.. inside and back of my right calf going down to my ankle.

I'm only running 30/33 mins a time and covering 5k to 5.5k..

I get no pain when running just when I've finished.. tonight it was so bad I had to limp home..

A hot shower held on it and some deep heat has eased it but wow it hurt..

Any advice..??

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Are you stretching after your runs?


I do the 3 normal ones for 15 seconds each.. But I couldn't even stretch tonight.. Now tho the pains gone and is like normal bar a little tender..


I hold my post run stretches for thirty seconds and they should be pulling enough to be slightly uncomfortable. I would try some gentle calf stretches several times a day, but don't put as much effort in as you should for post run stretches, if muscles are not fully warmed up. RICE is probably worth trying.

You could try slowing down. Most of your running should be at 80% of your fast pace. Have a look at this runnersworld.co.uk/rws-trai... it might be useful.


I will thank you for your help..


I have to say, if you are doing those runs, you need to stretch for a bit longer...even if it hurts and roller could be the answer too... exquisite torture :)


A roller..??

What is a roller.. Exquisite torture sounds better than my calf torture..

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Well.. foam rollers are the most used.. or a massage stick... they really un- knot your muscles... this is the one I use, mostly


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