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Week 9 ... repeat

Hey guys & gals, I just can't seem to move on from the excellent Couch to 5k programme. I completed this about 3 years ago but all attempts to just keep on running were a bit stop/start again. 1 run a week doth not a runner make.!

What I found is that I'd lost my mojo. Attempts to run 20 mins continuously failed with a walk break occurring after just 5 mins.

I bit the bullet last week & signed up for the Bedford half marathon in September. Having a target is SO important. My last few regular runs kick-started with Laura on Wk 5 run 3 the dreaded 20 mins. This (alongside calming reggae music) has brought my running back to the 30 mins mark, thanks to Week 9 Run 3 (twice lately).

Laura's 10 min alerts have been so important to getting back on track. I intend to do a park run tomorrow, my 3rd (?!) in as many years. And I must book a 10 km as an intermediate target.

My message is "Always have a target to keep you focussed" & pick 1 training programme & work with it. I'm basing my training on womensrunninguk.co.uk/wp-co...

Which seems to give me plenty of time barring injury/whatever!

I always come back to this forum as the community has always been lovely & some of us have gone on to be mentors to the rest of us, eh, what.

Until the next time, keep on running!


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Hello Obe

Glad that you're back on it. I have the WomensRunning magazine, and it's full of inspirational stories and plans. As you say, always good to have a plan. I am like a flopping fish out of water without a plan.

Good luck with your training! Ooooh it's exciting int it. Go you!

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It always helps to have a focus.... well done on coming back and signing up too.... do join us here for race and training support:


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