How slow a run is actually fast walking?

How slow a run is actually fast walking?

Hiya, I finished week5 run 3 this morning and I am over the moon!

A few weeks ago I couldn't run for my life! I am definitely not ungrateful and I feel proud for what I have achieved so far.

However... I can't help but having these thoughts in the back of my mind that I am so slow I am actually not running but walking fast! I feel like a fraud and it spoils it for me🙈

Anyone else having such thoughts?


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19 Replies

  • I think my pace was about the same as yours for this run this morning and I was overtaken by at least one runner. Don't let it get you down - slow running, even really slow running, is still running and you should feel proud. I figure I'll just keep going at my snail's pace and then see if I can go a bit faster once my stamina is improved and I've finished the programme.

    Don't worry about it - those are my thoughts anyway!

  • Thank you Laura Liz 😊 you are right I should concentrate in improving my stamina for now .it's reassuring though to know that it's not just me lol well done for finishing the 20 minutes , I am looking forward to week 6

  • If you are running you spend a (very) short period of time after each step with both feet off the ground, as if you're doing a series of jumps. It is possible to do this very very slowly, but no matter the speed it is still not walking. If you're walking you will always have at least one foot on the ground.

    I'm not sure if you're actually asking for this answer, but here it is anyway :)

  • What Roseabi said. It's about the mechanics, not the speed. If you look at speed walking records, there are people that can speed walk way faster than I think I'll ever be able to run!

  • Thank you jaybro28 there must be quite a few of those where I go running as I can hardly overtake people walking 😂😂 only messing btw thanks for the encouragement, I really appreciate it and I am proud of what o have achieved so far xx

  • Thank you!! 😊

  • I didn't know that exactly. Feel much better- sooner a slow runner than a fast walker!

  • Just carry on as you are... every run makes you stronger however slow you feel you are.. :)

    Your stamina and strength is building up and you will be getting a tad speedier every run :) Look how you said yourself, you could not run a few weeks ago.. so you are already running.

    I was the original Grey Snail... I bang on about slow and steady all the time... it is the way.

    The time for speed and distance comes much later...if you want it too :)

    Keep on doing what you are doing... because you are doing wonderfully! :)

  • I don't think you 'bang on' at all Oldfloss. The more I read it becomes so clear how important it is to build up a solid foundation. Speed too soon and its injury time ... guaranteed. Not clever at all!

  • Thank you so very much!! 😊 Your reply made me smile and think that everything that everyone said on this post it's true. I should celebrate the fact that I can now run for a bit and I am getting fitter and healthier compared to the couch potato that I used to be. I should also stop listening to those annoying voices making me doubt myself and keep going ...longer and at some point hopefully faster. Thanks again xx

  • Yeay!!! You have got it ! The pesky gremlins try to get to us in anyway they can...we just have to squish them with every single step :)

    Go you :) x

  • Like that - when I feel I cant take another step, I will imagine squishing a gremlin :)

  • Me too - love that idea :-)

  • Eevagr1 I am sooo pleased you posted this. I finished week 5 today too. Loved the fact I'd 'ran' for a full 20 but also feel fraudulent due to speed (or lack of). Only thing I have on to is one: I'm knackered at the end so got to be better than walking and two: Sarah millican told me to go slow!!! Good luck. Let me know how week 6 goes x

  • Well done you! We are more than halfway there! That's what we need to keep thinking 👍🏻 I am looking forward to week 6 ( the beginning of it anyway 🙈😂) I will keep you posted as to how it goes . Please do the same 😊 x

  • Had a similar feeling last week when I compared some old weeks. The answer for me was in the sectors where there was some almost quick bits. When I started I could not have done as much so just going that bit further each week is my focus.

  • Hi there!

    I have just completed week 9 run 1 (30mins) but the most I've managed to cover is 3.6 km in the time. Still hoping I might speed up eventually!! Keep going, I just keep thinking about week 1 when a minute nearly finished me off!x

  • That's amazing!! You run for 30 minutes!! Well done 👏🏻👏🏻 I can't wait to able to run for that long myself and you are right We can try and speed up when we can easily run for 30 minutes. You should be very proud! Xx

  • You should be proud too!!! Just done W9 R2 4.2 km.Who knows- maybe practise makes perfect!! Keep making both feet leave the ground!!xx

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