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Got onto week 3!

Didn't think this would happen, starting week 3 on Wednesday.

Took my dog for week 2 run 3 this weekend, we managed it, finishing sweating and really feeling it, both could have slept all afternoon.

Went for a weigh-in at the gym.

99kg and 30% body fat, really feel like I'm hauling the proverbial.

That's down from 102kg about 3 weeks ago though.

Are there any other voices for the podcast? as Jo is not my cup of tea and Millican does my head in.

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Congrats! :D Good luck with W3 :)

I run to the podcast from the website which has Laura talking to you? Not sure if you'd tried her, but she has quite a calming voice in my opinion. I tried the phone app version, but although I liked the idea of tracking my progress, I didn't get on with any of the voices, so I went back to Laura - I listen on my MP3 and just upload each new week as I get to it :) Not sure if that helps at all though, sorry... I think there's a third voice on the phone app version though? Have you tried them?


Preferred laura to the 4 on the app. could do with a notification of halfway point, unless that's what those horrible chimes are.

None of them seem particularly motivating, would like yeahh, 3 runs left, you can do this! some super-pumped voice fitness person.

Music wasn't too good on podcast so will probably go back to stripping the vocals out and overlaying it to my own music.

I could make that available with instructions.


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