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Shin splints (week 7)


I have been doing the Couch to 5km as a way to return to running after I got shin splints last year. I've been doing Physio since December, have orthotics and compression socks and still have pain in my right lower shin, even when at rest! My Physio says I can keep running if I am still enjoying it, stretch lots and ice afterwards. It is frustrating that it doesn't seem to go away though, even while continuing to do strengthening exercises etc. Any advice from people who have recovered from shin splints? Is it just a matter of time and it will go away? This is my third attempt at Couch to 5km after stopping twice because of shin pain.

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That seems a long time to still have problems. Could it be your orthotics? Perhaps they need an adjustment? I only say that because it took me a year and several adjustments to mine before they were right although mine are for a dodgy knee and not shin splints but just thinking.......


Must be very frustrating! I sympathise. Its not a stress fracture is it? Know that shin splints can take 3 to 6 months to heal. DO NOT rush back into your sport or exercise. You could injure yourself again.

Were you free from pain for at least 2 weeks before starting running again? and are your trainers OK with good cushioning with the orthotIc insoles?


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