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Looking for some tips

Hi guys, I braved the rain this morning for my very first run, boy was it difficult but I was delighted that I finished it and look forward to the next run, just a few Q's I have that I hope you guys can help with?

1. Would you recommend running each day? Or taking a days break in between runs?

2. Would you be able to recommend any kind of similar free weight training programs or apps? Cant seem to find anything searching online.

3. Weight loss being a main goal of mine, please tell me your success stories :)


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Well done on your first run!

1. Definitely have a rest day in between. You need time for your body to recover, which is why the programme is based on three runs a week.

2. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but there's a similar NHS plan for bodyweight exercises:

3 I can't help with so much, but I know lots of other people have success stories to share :)

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There's a upper body app from zen labs which I use on rest days alongside plenty of walking.

The general consensus is not to run on rest days and take at least one day between runs, so I have stuck to that.

Weight loss is also my goal, I've lost just over 2 stone this year, mainly through changing my eating habits, I've not weighed myself since starting C25k and I'm on W4 so my next weigh in will be at the end of this week.

Good luck and keep on at it

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Follow the programme... the forum follows the NHS one :)

Yes, take your rest days, they are essential... but other exercise on those days is great :) Cycling, walking, swimming .. anything you fancy and the Strength and Flex... ( link in the other reply) is great many of us used them alongside C25K.

This isn't specifically a weight-loss forum, but it may help with weight loss. You will be tauter and tighter though !

The NHS weight loss forum is one that many folk on here, are on also, and they find the two do compliment each other:) Might be worth a look ?

Well done on your first run anyway.. you just have to love the rain... we have so much !!!

Keep posting too ? :)


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