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Week 5 of couch to 5k

What can I say. I love this programme.

I started running in January but was getting nowhere as my legs were always bad. Couch to 5k gave me the breaks that I clearly needed rather than going at it every day.

My running times have improved and currently able to run without stopping for around 10 mins. And I've lost 21lbs to boot.

Currently on week 5 of the programme but skipped 2&3 as it wasn't enough for me.

This programme does work if you stick at it :)

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Well done!


Well done, but do be cautious. If you had problems in January then they could raise their heads again if you push too hard. I considered​ skipping a few sessions because it seemed to be too easy, but pushed my male arrogance aside, admitting that the devisers of the plan probably knew more about running than l did and stuck to the programme. What's the rush?

C25K builds stamina, musculature, and your cardiovascular system at a gentle rate that keeps the risk of injury minimal. Of course it can be used just as a guide, but rushing to the injury couch is more likely to stop you in your tracks than the carefully considered approach of a well proven programme.


Well done on getting to week five, brilliant! Also well done with your weight loss :) I agree, it is a great programme.


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