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Graduation number 2

I went for a run on Friday night and managed 32 minutes (4km). I got to 32 minutes without stopping! And my legs still feel great 2 days later. I may not be fast but I've never cared about that, I'm going for stamina and fitness. I know as part of the physio I need to cut back the next 2 runs back to 3.5km but it's nice to know when I build up to 4km as standard I can do it and my legs are fine with it.

I watched the London Marathon today as I'm sure lots of you have done. For a brief moment I thought, yeah, I wanna do that. But then I thought about it properly and talked myself out of it pronto! I think I shall stick to my original aim of 10km runs first....

Anyway, nothing too exciting, but I just had to share the fact I got to over the 30 minute mark again. I thought when I started again in Feb that I'd have lost all the fitness I'd built up but it comes back ever so quickly and I'm made up with myself.

This girl will never quit!!!!

Happy running everyone.

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... and that girl is fantastic! Well done you!

That is a great run...no stopping you clearly :)

I watched bits of the marathon.. (was preparing a lunch for Little Mum and family) and was in awe... but I have no desire to do that.. I am happy with my own routes and plans and distances and experimenting with running stuff.

You keep on running, and as ever... just take care.. slow and steady!

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Yep - slow and steady as always. I don't think I could do fast anyway, even if someone waved fifty pound notes in front of me!

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Very well done you! That's my sort of pace as well and I really enjoy it.


Well done. So glad things are sorted and you can run again. I don't think a marathon is realistic for me either!


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