Completion!! - but what now?

So week 9 run 3 completed and finished with a parkrun. Not feeling particularly elated - it was hard work, and actually 1 second slower than my first attempt at week 7. But now I have to decide how to proceed. I think I prefer intervals, and have considered experimenting with different run/walk combinations, but I'd also like to improve my parkrun time. It has also helped having the structured programme which gave me a structure and goal - so what next? Anyone got any ideas/advice?


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  • The Zenlabs C10K app might suit you. I've been doing that one and I'm about to start week 9. The 5k 'graduation' is at W8R3 and I did my first Parkrun this morning. W9R1 is 4 reps of 10/1 run/walk and the 10K is reached at week 14.

  • The best thing is to consolidate for a while. Don't immediately feel you have to runner faster or further or add anything new into the mix. Your bones and joints and ligaents and so on are stil adapting to the new demands of regular running. It is probably best to keep to a thrice weekly 30 inutes for at least the first six months.

  • As Rignold suggests.. consolidation...just run, no pressure, just running because you can. There is lots out there, but best not to hit it too soon. Your body will tell you when it is time to move forward.. :)

  • Consolidate while you figure things out. It is a very common feeling to be a bit adrift at this satge - going from the structure and clearcut goal of 5K/30 minutes to 'what now' and the goalposts not being quite as clear and milestone achievement sfurther apart.

    I figure it boils down to a choice of being a Distance runner, a Fast runner or running Crosscountry/Park runs/Fun Runs kind of future. After playing around with speed and distance and hills and flats and so forth I found out I am never going to be fast enough to be a racer in any guise, my ankles and feet have too many issues to deal with uneven surfaces and I like the steadiness of distances and the time it gives me to just run and be by myself with my thoughts.

    So - basically got to where able to run 5K was eminently doable, did not let times worry me, then went for the 5 mile distance and after getting that one morning I just went for it and did the 10K. I was in the pattern of running 'distance one day, then big hills the next running day and then a 5K at a bridker pace than usual the next but life and work and all interferes and now I am back to building up to 5 miles and then 10 K again at my own pace.

    Main thing is to keep it fun and interesting, otherwise it turns into a boring chore - I'm looking forward to Fall and the 10k race instead of the 5K one at the event I entered last year :) I'm fully expecting to be last, the 5K had a lot of 'having a go' people, but what the hell - 10K at any speed is still 10K and far more satisfying to do an honest 10K than an 'easy-peasy' 5 :)

    just my thoughts on the subject, hope it helps some :) Congratulations on your graduation and wishing you many happy miles :)

  • Thanks for the advice. I think I'll just get out and run and see what happens. I think it's just that being stubborn when I'm told I need to run for 30 minutes I make myself do it, and I'm worried without that incentive I'll find it too easy just to stop instead of pushing myself. But lets see what happens this week :-)

  • I'd keep one solid 30 minute run, and on the other runs play around with intervals. They're fast, fun and if you know you like them then keep doing them.

  • I think that's what I'll probably do, maybe keeping the long run for Saturday's parkrun. Just take it a week at a time and see how we go. I suppose the main thing is to keep making myself get out there three times a week!

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