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Park run and low carb diet

So I went to do my 5th parkrun yesterday, full of hope for a good experience and perhaps a pb, but I found it a real struggle and jogged my slowest time yet (34 minutes) even having to stop and walk a few times. Trying to analyse this after, and I think there may have been two potential factors. I've had a cold for the past week - nothing too bad, certainly hasn't kept me in bed, but still a virus nonetheless. Also, I've been having a go at the Michael Moseley Blood Sugar Diet since Tuesday, which is basically a low carb/nil sugar diet. I suppose either of these, or perhaps both, could have affected my performance, but I'm still surprised by how much. I had assumed that it would only be a "highly-tuned" athlete that would notice a performance decrease in these circumstances. Thoughts?

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It is impossible for us to know, of course, but the effects of a cold hang around for two or three days after the symptoms have gone.


I've just done 10 weeks of that diet (lost over 1st -and 7ins off my waist!)- but it does make you feel really tired for the first couple of weeks-that on top of a cold - will affect your performance- I think 34 mins is excellent considering- well done!


I don't think taking up running and going on a restrictive diet go hand in hand. Folks who cut down on carbs generally do so on their rest days, or days of least demand on their bodies, and then increase the amount when they are running or exercising harder

You'll find out what suits you food wise as you get into your running. We all have times when we underestimate how much foods helps us get round. I can't run on empty but lots of folks do. I put my trust in porridge oats. Lots of them!

You'll be fine next I bet. Good luck!


You've been running a year! That's not a bad time, don't worry about it!😁


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