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Nearly back to week 6 run 3!

May 2015 I was merrily working my way through C25k and did a fun run with my little one the day after completing week 6 run 3. Foot went down a rabbit hole and I wrecked my ankle! Eventually I had surgery March this year, and I've finally got back to running in the last 2 months. I'm about to go out and do w6r2 this morning, and can't wait to get out of week 6 this week, and finally finally into week 7. It's been a long time coming but I'm determined to finish the plan this time round! Wish me luck lovely people, you're always full of so many wise words!

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Well done for getting back to running 😊

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The wise words? Slow and Steady... and watch out for rabbit holes...otherwise..just hop to it:)

Great to have you back x

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