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Intro... Even Though On Week 5!

Hi All,

Finally took the plunge and started to try and run once again. I'm 47 now and had run several half marathons in my yourth (pb in the GNR was 1 hour 45 aged 18!) but I've let all exercise slip for far too long. Endurance shouldn't be an issue for me as I've taken up cycling in the last two years and completed the London 100 mile event earlier this year but they use completely different muscles from a run!

I've made it up to week 5. I had a calf injury on week 2 and thought I was done... but took a break, inserted some gel soles inside the running shoes, kept up with stretching exercises and that did the trick... up until last night.

I was running reasonably well and was inside the final minute of the final run when the calf muscle shouted out in pain once again and the warm down walk became more of a hobble. I'm at a loss as to know what is wrong, maybe my posture? I'll try again for the second run in week 5 with tubular bandages on and see how it goes after an extra day of rest.

I've enjoyed reading all others motivational comments, making it to week 5 was an achievement in itself, I'm looking forward to taking this further.

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Obviously if its really painful a GP is the best person to ask about this but if its not too bad then have you got compression socks? Try them and see how you go, you're doing really well so far!

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Thanks for the advice, I've tried tatty old tubular bandages but will have a go running with compression socks full time.


Welcome and well done for starting to run again. Your experience will probably tell you this but perhaps your calf injury hasn't healed properly and you ran too soon. Did you change your running surface? I get achey calves when I run on the road but not when I run on trail. Out of interest, why did you use gel insoles?

Lots of stretching, ice, rest and then if it's no better maybe a visit to a sports physio?

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Thanks for the reply! Possibly started again too soon but I did run 3 weeks before it hurt once again! I found the gel soles thing on Google somewhere and had some spares at home so gave them a try.

Lots of stretching going on even though colleagues wonder what I'm up to when stood nest to the photo copier!!

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