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Rest day rebellion..wk3 between runs 1 #2 and "official" run 2 second attempt at w3r1 went really well. Not trying to run up anything that should really involve ropes and crampons made huge difference. Wasn't easy, still, but I knew as soon as I started the three minutes I could get to the end, so I just did. Was very tired when I'd done it, but was ok. All a little bit weird, but great. Kept really local to home, as it's flat and I feel a little more relaxed , which I also think helped.

So I got home on a complete high last night. Absolutely brilliant!

So today I've been des...per...ate to go out and run. Beautiful sunny day, clear fresh air... And it's blimmin rest day.. Arrrrrrgh, Laura you are soooo cruellll!

But I am being good and have been resisting the temptation. Just. But boring everyone mad with running talk ☺️

Bought a sports bra at lunchtime, and I never ever ever thought I'd buy one of those given I've never ever wanted to do any sports. (Vile PE teachers)

Never felt like I would look forward to running like I have been today, either.

This program is brilliant...or I'm in a Dr Who story featuring jogging aliens but don't know that I am.....

Anyway going to bed now, feeling a bit xmas eve-ish!

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Somebody has been bitten by the running bug! Welcome to the club - many of us have that Christmas-eve feeling regularly!

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Are we all odd...? I feel just like that... fluttery tummy and the anticipation... love it x

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Love your post... and love the reference to Christmas Eve...i am just like that! tummy-bumps!

Very well done you..the hills can be pests..but, we learn to embrace them! Yes, we do! well done for fighting temptation on rest day is hard :)

The whole sports bra thing, is a hoot..some of the posts on here are so funny.I have been stuck in mine a few times..:) Good luck with your next run too!

Now.. where did I leave the Tardis???

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How lovely. And as JaySeeSkinny said - welcome to the club.


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