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Bad week or so

Hi all,

After a difficult week last week meaning I could only do the first of my week two runs I was going to get back to it on Tuesday but fell heavily landing on both kneed scraping and bruising them then a large blister on my big toe burst and is pretty painful I have decided to leave it this week as my left knee. Has been hurting walking up stairs.

So the decision is do I start from scratch next week or pick up where I left off? It has been over a week since my last run.

Any ideas?

S. Xx

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Poor you, hope you heal quickly. Possibly re-do the last week you completed and see how you go?


Thanks. Is is getting better and my ankle and knee are getting better. I think resting it is probably the best thing.

I think I'll try a week one run as has been suggested and see.

Take care.


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Oh dear. You are having a bad time - hope it all mends soon.

Why not do a week 1 run, and if that goes alright you could press on with W2.

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Yes it has been a bit pants. Oh well these things are sent to try us.

Your suggestion sounds sensible and I'll give it a go.




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