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Picking up speed

Having returned to the beginning of the programme to try and change my speed, I want to report that it is working for me. At my previous speed I was never going to make 5K in under an hour. In fact I was running so slowly, that my own walking speed was faster.

I'm back at week 4, and felt a whoop of delight when "Nigel" (thats the male voice that tells me my distance and speed) informed me that I had covered a mile in bang on 16 minutes. I've taken 3 minutes of my previous speed.

Today I didn't even panic when I realised that the second 5 minute run would be on the climb of the undulating route I take.

Walking pace now slightly slower, but really only because I'm chasing pokemon.

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I done exactly the same thing, restarted the programme at a faster speed, it worked for me too! keep up the good work!


I do this periodically too, the last time was after an injury when I didn't want to push too hard. That's the great thing about this programme it just keeps on helping! Congrats on your PB xx


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