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Wk7r1 faster music?

Well back from running first of week 7 in the park. Took my son who dashed around for a lap to practice for a 1500m race at school. I did 2 and a half laps following Laura's instructions. I had walked a mile to warm up while showing him the route then he set off. I started running before the end of the warm up so did about a minutei extra running in the end. Pleased to have completed it but I nevet really settled into the run. Maybe I set off a bit fast because the park was busy and I got a bit distracted or maybe because my son was running faster ahead of me. Laura's music seemed to be pushing me a bit faster too or is that just my imagination? Anyway will do again in a couple of days.

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I got overtaken by a couple of runners today and found myself speeding up to keep up with them, luckily realised what was doing and stopped myself before I did myself a mischief😂 but I do run in a town with a sports university

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I don't think you need to do this run again. You did it so move on to the next one. Well done btw.


Yep I meant I'll do same thing ago for next run cos it's the same for all 3 runs this week. But might try diff music to slow me down!


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