Couch to 5K

26 down 1 to go 👟👟

So I've completed run 1 and 2 of my final week, running just over 4K both times and my graduation run beckons.

I could perhaps have pushed myself a little further tonight (or should I say last night as it's now 1.34 am) but didn't want to risk putting my graduation run in jeopardy, especially as my knees felt achy at the start. Not sure if this is a result of walking and scrambling in the Peak District last weekend, as although my knees are a bit dodgy, they hadn't been a problem since I started running.

Graduation run planned for early Sunday morning and I'm going to attempt running until I reach 5k to make it a double celebration.

Sparkling badge of honour, I'm coming to get you 😊😊😊

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Good luck for your final run tomorrow, hope you achieve your 5k, I'll be cheering you on.🙆

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Brilliant - enjoy the feeling tomorrow!

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Full report tomorrow, please Pushing60 :)


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